Brothers Streep

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The Brothers Streep are an acoustic comedy act from Cape Town, South Africa. Performing as both a duo and full band, they have made their mark locally through playing at major South African events such as Rocking the Daisies (2010 & 2011), Synergy (2011), The 1st Annual Comics Choice Awards (2011) and Grahamstown Festival (2012), whilst also broadening their horizons internationally by playing to Anna Paquin on The Graham Norton Show (2009) and debuting their own full length show at The Gilded Balloon as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (2010). They are perhaps best known in South Africa for their performance on the first and last episode of SA Idols Season IV (2011) and for their quirky songs written for adverts, Geely (2011) and DSTV (2011/12).

Formed in 2005 by Dylan Hichens (guitar and vocals) and Simon van Wyk (guitar and vocals), The Brothers spent their early years performing their harmonious blend of comedy and music in the Cape Town band scene, before later branching into the comedy arena. The result is a comedy band where melody and music don’t take the back seat to the laughs. Their songs span a variety of topics, from flavoured milk products to Disney princesses, as well as pirates, the economy, movie twists and other day-to-day observations – there’s certainly something for everyone with The Brothers Streep.

Completing the band are their friends and fellow ‘brothers’, Tim Smith (keys), Richard Graham (bass) and Tim Price (drums). Together they released their first full band album, Suitable For The Whole Family – the follow up to their debut duo release, “It Couldn’t Have Been Miss Scarlett, She Was With Us At The Time…”(2006). In 2011 they signed with Sheer Sounds and rereleased Suitable with two extra tracks and new bonus enhanced content.

A visit to will reveal that The Brothers don’t just view themselves as a band, but rather an entertainment brand. They’ve been known to write songs for corporate events, release podcastson iTunes, and film various skits and music videos for YouTube.

Every Friday night you can catch The Brothers Streep Show live on 2oceansvibe radio, South Africa’s largest online radio station. Each week from 5pm till 7pm, Dylan and Simon are joined by their friend and producer Andrew Kerr to bring you a show which celebrates banter, games and good music.

With future plans of writing a TV series and a Brothers Streep musical, it’s only a matter of time before they’re a household name. (They’ve just yet to stipulate which household.)

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